E-learning Course

Taking financial action for the SDGs: Implementing the CFO Principles

Access the new UN Global Compact e-learning course on sustainable finance

As stewards of trillions of dollars in corporate investments, Chief Financial Officers are uniquely positioned to reshape the future of corporate finance and investment as a catalyst for growth, value creation, and social impact.

In this 30-minute e-learning course presented by the UN Global Compact Academy and the CFO Coalition for the SDGs, learn about four principles that CFOs can implement to help them build long-term sustainable value through strategic and financial integration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This course is designed for CFOs as well as practitioners across your organization who would like to get equipped to talk to their CFOs about corporate sustainability.

Key learnings

  • Understand how CFOs can help companies transition to sustainable development and fill the SDG financing gap
  • Discover how SDG strategies can help deliver better financial results and develop stronger relationship with lenders and investors
  • Learn how CFOs can help promote and finance innovative private sector solutions for the SDGs

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About the UN Global Compact Academy

The Academy is the UN Global Compact's leading-edge learning platform designed to provide participating companies of the Compact with the knowledge and skills they need to meet their sustainability objectives and achieve long-term growth by contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Through dozens of courses and formats, the Academy enables you to enhance your knowledge and capabilities, regardless of your corporate function or where you are on your sustainability journey.

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About the CFO Coalition for the SDGs

The Coalition was convened as a platform for CFOs to interact with their peers, investors, financial institutions, and the United Nations to share ideas, develop new concepts and frameworks, and provide recommendations to unlock private capital and create a market for mainstream SDG investments.

Learn more about the CFO Coalition for the SDGs.