Small Business, Big Impact

A six-step journey to drive sustainability and growth in SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the engine of private-sector growth in both developing and developed economies, yet they face challenges in integrating sustainability strategies that are critical to long-term business success and resilience.

Perhaps you have a lot on your plate? Or you have faced challenges in integrating sustainability strategies in the past. Maybe you're overwhelmed by the requirements involved or simply do not know how to get started? To support you, the UN Global Compact invites you to join Small Business, Big Impact: A Six-Step Journey to Drive Sustainability and Business Growth, a new learning journey designed specifically for SMEs.

The journey guides you through five short, on-demand courses, one day of virtual live peer exchange sessions, and a toolkit to help you take action. It’s available in multiple languages and time zones (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic). Registration is open and free of charge to all SMEs.

Sign up below to unpack the business case for sustainability and gain the knowledge and tools needed to incorporate sustainability into your business operations — regardless of your company size, region, industry, or sector.


Why join

  • Receive concrete tools to navigate the business case for SMEs and how to take action on key sustainability topics
  • Connect with some of the most innovative SMEs around the world
  • Exchange ideas and best practices with regional peers, and get support to craft your sustainability story and buy-in from internal and external stakeholders
  • Get exclusive access to live sessions, actionable workbooks, social media assets and an opportunity to share and be recognized virtually for your efforts at the UN High Level Week in September and beyond
  • Gain a certificate of completion from the UN Global Compact Academy

How it works

  • Sign up for the learning journey here
  • Start learning! Engage in interactive online content, watch on-demand sessions, hear from global changemakers
  • To support your learning you will receive regular emails with suggested timelines, activity reminders, and additional resources to help keep you on track
  • Don't miss the regional peer-learning sessions, providing valuable opportunities to hear from other participants who are working towards the same goals
  • The journey is open and free of charge to all

The Journey

Step 1

Learn how to future-proof your SME with the UN Global Compact Ten Principles

Academy e-learning course

On Demand

60 minutes

Step 2

Understand the business case for sustainability and how SMEs can integrate the Global Goals into their strategy

Academy Changemaker session

On Demand

30 minutes

Step 3

Learn how being more sustainable makes you more resilient

Academy e-learning course

On Demand

30 minutes

Step 4

Learn from our regional peer learning sessions


90 minutes

Step 5

Learn the what and how of sustainable design for SMEs

Academy e-learning course

On Demand

30 minutes

Step 6

Learn how to finance your sustainability strategy

Academy e-learning course

On Demand

30 minutes

Toolkit Takeaway

As the culmination of the training you’ve completed, you will receive a toolkit to help you effectively communicate your sustainability strategy and how to secure buy-in both inside and outside your company, continuing your company’s action and impact beyond this learning journey.

Sign up for the journey

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